We are excited to announce the patent pending TRIM SANDER   Now it will be simple and easy to finish-sand your trim molding.  The Trim Sand® is the exact mirror image of your trim and can use 150 or 200 grit sanding paper.  The Trim Sanding Pad comes at a $24.95 value, but with the purchase of a molding knife only $19.95  Be one of the first to have an easy, beautiful finish on your molding in half the time!

Woodmaster® knives, Powermatic® knives, Belsaw® and RBI® knives our price is $13.95 per knife inch, a 55.75% discount.  William & Hussey® knives and Shopfox® knives are priced at $10.95 per inch a 65% discount.  Corrugated knives are $12.50 per inch a 60% discount. All knives that are standard from other manufacturer are standard with us. Custom knives require a dxf file. The dxf files price is $12.50, if you need a physical template the template charge is $6.00  Holding Gibbs included for Belsaw type machines.

Custom Knife require a cad drawings $12.50 each.  If you need a physical template an additional $6.00 charge is required.

Our molding knives are made out of M2 HHS.  They are cut on a very accurate CNC controlled water jet machine. Wire EDM machines use high voltage that can damage the steel. Water jet machines use water and keep the steel cool, preserving the tool steel’s temper.  All this makes for a better knife.  The knives are then surface ground to put a razor sharp edge on them.  

History of molding

Manufacturing Suggest Retail Price is $31.50 per width inch on these knives!


Crown 2




Casings 2


Casings 4  






Coves 1

Coves 2

Bar Rails    

Hand Rails

Handrails 2

Chair Rails

Chair Rails 2

Panel mold


Brick Molds  

Brick Mold 2

Cap Molds

Cap Molds 2




Log Siding

Log Siding 2

T & G 1

T & G 2

T & G 3  

T & G 4


Qt Rounds

 Antique 1

Antique 2


Beads 1

Beads 2  

Beads 3

Picture 1

Picture 2  

Back knives


Molding Knives - Pictures Below!

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Made in America since 1976!        

Email your drawings to  Put the measurements from left to right. And the thickness at the thickest section of the wood sample.
Call us at 816-763-3029, or Fax 816-765-0662

Our knives fit Woodmaster®, Powermatic®, Foley Belsaw®, RBI®, Sears®, Jet®, Grizzly® planer Molders as well as multi headed molders, and corrugated shaper cutters. All 1/4” and 5/16” corrugated are $12.50 per inch, smooth back knives are all priced at $13.95 per knife inch. All 1/8” knives $10.95 inch. William and Hussey knives are priced at $10.95 per  knife width inch.  Eight inch knives are sold in sets of three.  Holding gibbs are included.